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Masdevallia and Affiliates explains the newly accepted divisions of Masdevallia that Carl Luer outlined in Icones vol 28.

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Dracula gorgona (Veitch) Luer & Escobar

Named for the Greek mythological gorgons, three horrible sisters with hair of snakes.


Subgenus: Dracula

Section: Dracula

Subsection: Dracula


Additional Information: From the western Cordillera of Colombia at altitudes of around 7,220 feet (2,200 m). The xanthina form is pictured in the bottom row. In the photo in the top left, the edges of the lateral sepals rolled back to give the flower a more triangular look.



Masdevallia chimaera Rchb.f. var. gorgona Veitch

Masdevallia gorgona hort. ex Veitch