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Volume 30 of the Icones Pleurothallidinarum is now available for purchase through MBG for $80 plus $12.60 for U.S. shipping.

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For your dues:

  • You receive four newsletters each year (quarterly).  The newsletter has articles such as travels to where pleurothallids grow, how members are growing, feature pleurothallids and miscellaneous articles of interest to members.  This is in addition to regular columns that feature Masdevallias, Draculas, Lepanthes, hybridizing and good books/reading. Each issue also has a color insert with photos that go with the various articles.  Members are encouraged to actively participate in the newsletter by submitting articles, questions or comments.
  • You can attend two Pleurothallid Alliance meetings each year.  Meetings are planned in conjunction with a major orchid show.  One or two speakers are invited to each meeting to speak on a topic concerning pleurothallids.  There are usually pleurothallid-related items and plants for sale to benefit the Alliance, and a live auction.
  • For AOS AWARDED PLANTS, free species identification to confirm the award from Dr. Carlyle Luer, leading pleurothallid taxonomist and our Guru.
  • You get a printed roster periodically which is an invaluable tool to network with other pleurothallid enthusiasts.
  • You can request a free copy of the Index to Pleurothallid Literature available as a pdf file.